The 科罗拉多州的健康 Foundation is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, 政策宣传, learning and capacity building. Learn how we’re working to achieve health equity and the cornerstones upon which our work is based.


  • We serve Coloradans who have less power, 特权与收入, and prioritize Coloradans of color.
  • 我们是充满激情的, persistent team willing to take risks in the name of improved health in Colorado.
  • We do not see obstacles, we see opportunities. We tackle issues that will have the highest impact on improving health for communities in Colorado.
  • We share our results, including successes and lessons learned to help others with a common goal.
  • We know that we alone cannot make lasting change. But hand-in-hand with our partners we can.
  • We use our full philanthropic resources including: grantmaking, 政策和宣传, strategic private investments, technical advice and convening to improve the health of Coloradans.
  • We will not stop until Colorado is a state where people and communities experience good health and health equity.

The 科罗拉多州的健康 Foundation is guided by the following values and beliefs in pursuit of the mission:

  • Our stewardship commitment demands accountability and transparency.
  • We treat all with whom we come in contact with respect and humility.
  • Our staff and board are passionate and persistent.
  • We are relentless in our efforts to achieve health equity and opportunity.
  • To advance our mission, we and our work must be relevant and have lasting impact.  
  • 董事会主席
    Ten Mile Enterprises LLC
  • 罗斯·布鲁克斯
    Mountain Family Health Centers
  • Governance Committee Chair
    Market 总统, Metropolitan Denver
  • 道恩·达文波特博士.D
    Vice 总统 of Child and Family Services
    Mental Health Center of Denver
  • 投资 Committee Chair
    Chief 投资 Officer
    Southern Ute Indian Tribe
  • 伊斯梅尔·格雷罗州
    总统 & 首席执行官
  • Oswaldo “Ozzie” Grenardo, M.D., M.B.A, M.S.H.A.
    Senior Vice 总统 and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • 阿什利标志
    Cordillera 投资 Partners
  • 影响 Committee Chair
    Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
  • Laurie Muller-Girard
    West Regional Sales Executive
  • Terri Richardson, MD
    Kaiser Permanente
  • 亚当·施莱格尔 

Former 董事会成员

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